With a 900-ton daily capacity of high quality glass, Saint-Gobain Glass Egypt is the largest and most modern float facility in the Middle East.


Production includes clear glass (SGG PLANILUX®), tinted glass (SGG PARSOL®) and online coated glass (SGG REFLECTASOL®) with solar control properties and appealing reflective aesthetics.


Ideally situated, the facility supplies both the Egyptian and export markets.


The Saint-Gobain Glass Egypt facility combines some of the most modern technology, the most advanced measurement tools and instruments as well as the know-how and expertise of the Saint-Gobain Glass international network of affiliates.


Glass manufacturer, since 1665


The hundred years’ history of Saint-Gobain Glass as a glass manufacturer started in 1665, by the will of a king.

Louis XIV, king of France, founded the glass company and placed the first order for the famous Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, close to Paris.

Since then, Saint-Gobain Glass has continuously improved its manufacturing processes and enhanced its expertise to provide the best to its customers, extending its knowledge and knowhow over time.

Nowadays, Saint-Gobain Glass is a worldwide reference and one of the global leaders in flat glass for the building and automotive sectors.