Economic Growth
Contributing To Our Customers’ Performance
We devise our products and services with the specific needs of habitat and construction in industry professionals in mind. We want our customers to be able to easily integrate Saint-Gobain Glass products with their own products and services, in order to best serve their customer base.
In order to meet the changing needs and expectations of our direct and indirect customers we are constantly striving to introduce new solutions, training opportunities and comprehensive technical support for the people who use our products.
Investing Locally
One of the world’s largest manufacturers of flat glass, Saint-Gobain Glass UK is committed to responding to the needs of its diverse client base.
The plant is strategically located to manufacture and supply the UK and Ireland with the highest quality clear float and coated glass. 
The company also aims to source its employees locally, contributing to the surrounding community.
Saint-Gobain Glass UK’s investments in state of the art facilities, including the magnetron coater and the laminating line, reaffirm the company’s ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of the local market and the Group’s position as the world’s leading glass company.
Contributing to Global Economic Growth
As a leading actor in our business areas, we have a responsibility to set an example. In addition to complying fully with regulations, our teams must be beyond reproach in their conduct and practices, both in house and outside the company.
All of Saint-Gobain Glass UK’s prospective suppliers must complete a comprehensive supplier survey assessment report to provide key company information and details of quality and environmental policies and accreditation prior to their acceptance to our preferred supplier list.
Saint-Gobain Glass proactively takes measures to promote economic development in the employment catchment areas around our site.