Social Commitment
Beyond the strictly environmental aspects, Saint-Gobain Glass products contribute to improving the quality of everyday life in many ways. Thermal efficiency is obvious, but improved safety, ease of cleaning, together with better acoustic, safety and visual performances all result in greater user comfort and well-being.
Thermal Comfort 
Through its solar control ad insulating properties, high performance glazing improves interior comfort, providing a comfortable year round environment.
Visual Comfort
Daylight is essential to human well-being. Glass lets natural light penetrate a building, providing a view to the world outside.
Acoustic Comfort
Noise pollution is a serious issue; excessive noise can be damaging to health. Acoustically insulating glass absorbs and weakens sound energy to reduce this.
Security and Safety
If laminated or tempered, glazing offers increased levels of safety and security. When it breaks, it breaks safely, protecting against the risk of serious injury.
Indoor Air Quality
Today, most people spend more than 90% of their time inside vehicles or buildings. Indoor air quality is therefore critical.
Unlike other materials which discharge elements into the air, glass is inert. Notably, window panes, frames and fittings emit zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), ensuring that the indoor air quality is not degraded.
Easy To Clean
Outside air pollution, dust and grime continuously alter a window’s appearance and performance. A revolutionary coating can be applied to improve this.
  • Low Maintenance Glass 
Taking Care Of Our People
The successes at Saint-Gobain Glass UK can be largely attributed to one group of people- our staff. Without the commitment and ongoing, close cooperation of all staff, implementing many of the schemes around site would have been impossible.
This close and collaborative working environment has been recognised and praised by external observers including Investors in People (IiP), which recently presented Saint-Gobain Glass UK with a silver award for our people management. 
The company strives to create an inclusive culture in which all staff are encouraged to participate.


Health and Safety
“Nothing is so important that it cannot be done safely” is the message that greets our staff and visitors on entering the site, and it is a belief that shapes the way we work at Saint-Gobain Glass UK.
Respect for others, for health and safety, and for the environment are the leading tenets of the industrial, distribution and research management activities for Saint-Gobain Group.
The Group Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy is founded on respect for the individual and for the environment. It encourages each Saint-Gobain employee to commit to the achievement of defined targets.
At Saint-Gobain Glass UK we are proud to be just the 5th Group plant to achieve both safety performance metrics.
In 2010, SGGUK reached the milestone of 2,000,000 working hours without reporting a lost time incident or accident.
In 2011, SGGUK achieved the landmark of 6 years without a lost time accident.
Founded over three centuries ago, Saint-Gobain has developed its global business over the years with the deepest respect for people and their environment. These core values are the foundation of our corporate culture and inform all aspects of the business. This includes the implementation of social initiatives that are aligned with our strategic positioning. 
At Saint-Gobain Glass UK we are committed to giving something back to the community in which we operate and as such we run a number of successful outreach programmes; not least of which is our continuing commitment to employing local people.
SGGUK also has an ongoing and highly positive schools relationship programme. Members of staff visit schools in our community to share their experiences and to provide the local children with an insight into the world of work.