SGG SATINOVO acid-etched glass has a uniformly smooth, silky surface, which is translucent and matte in appearance.
It transmits high levels of diffused light, whilst providing privacy from adjacent areas.
SGG SATINOVO is produced by acid-etching one face of the glass

Villa Bakke, Oslo, Norway
Architect : MMW architekter

Product Application

SGG SATINOVO can be used in all domestic and professional areas such as offices, hotels, restaurants etc, in limitless applications:
- Fixed and sliding partitions
- Doors
- Windows and facade glazing
- Shower and bath screens
- Furniture (glazed cupboards, kitchen and bathroom furniture, tables, countertops, shelves)
- Balconies
- Stair treads and floor panels.


Sophisticated appearance
The uniformly etched appearance and silky finish of SGG SATINOVO can be used by designers to create elegant and bright interiors, which co-ordinate perfectly with other design materials (exotic woods, matte or polished metals, etc).

Bright interiors
The very high light transmittance of SGG SATINOVO ensures maximum light, while maintaining privacy (high diffusing ability, no direct vision).

Easy to maintain
The etched surface is easy to keep clean. This ensures optimum hygiene and a fresh appearance. These qualities are particularly suitable for furniture applications (tables, shelves etc), or high traffic areas such as doors.

Limitless design possibilities
SGG SATINOVO can be processed in many ways (laminated, toughened, double-glazed, silvered, screenprinted etc). It can be used throughout the interior and in double glazing for external applications (e.g. thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, protection and safety etc).




Spectrophotometric performance
- Single glazing
- In SGG CLIMAPLUS DESIGN enhanced thermal insulation double-glazed units, with SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL low-emissivity glass.

(1) The values shown are approximates and may vary according to manufacturing conditions. The values are in accordance with standard EN 140 even though this is not strictly applied to this glass.
(2) Most of the transmitted light is diffused, which gives SGG SATINOVO its satin-like, translucent appearance.

Processed Product Variation

SGG SATINOVO is ideal for multiple processing as it can be:
- edgeworked
- curved
- toughened
- laminated*
- acoustic laminated*
- assembled into SGG CLIMAPLUS DESIGN double-glazed units (with the etched face to the inside of the unit) for
thermal insulation or in SGG STADIP SILENCE * for sound attenuation.

* When laminated, the etched face must face the outside of the assembly.


SGG SATINOVO must be installed in accordance with safety standards and current national regulations.
To ensure the product maintains its original appearance:
- Regular cleaning is recommended
- The etched surface should not face the outside of any facade glazing.

Please Note
Export customers only:
SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS EXPROVER offers two variations of etched glasses with different levels of transparency:
- SGG SATINOVO, which is more transparent and brilliant
- SGG SATINOVO MATE, which is more translucent and matte in appearance.