SGG LITE-FLOOR is a laminated safety glass which is designed especially for floor panels and stair treads.
SGG LITE-FLOOR comprises two or more sheets of glass bonded together with one or several Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayers. If the glass breaks, the fragments are held together by the PVB interlayer(s).
The number and/or thickness of each of the components can be varied to obtain laminated safety glass with different characteristics to satisfy all specifications.

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Product Application

Floor panels
SGG LITE-FLOOR is used as a floor element supported via a separate support structure.

Stair treads
SGG LITE-FLOOR can be used as a stair tread or floor panel.
SGG LITE-FLOOR is designed for internal applications. Special applications can be designed so that SGG LITE-FLOOR can
be used in external applications.
SGG LITE-FLOOR should be designed to carry loads set out in BS 6399.


SGG LITE-FLOOR floor panels can be used to create a transparent floor cladding which allows light to enter the area below.

Stability in the event of breakage
If the glass breaks, the fragments are held together. The glass therefore provides residual safety until the glass is replaced.

a Protection against injury
SGG LITE-FLOOR is a laminated safety glass. If the glass breaks, the fragments of glass remain bonded to the  interlayer and avoid the risk of injury.

The floor should have an anti-slip top surface to provide slip resistance values when wet and dry. Please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS for advice.


Base products
SGG LITE-FLOOR glass can be made using the following substrates:
- SGG PLANILUX clear float glass
- SGG DIAMANT extra-clear glass
- SGG PLANIDUR heat-strengthened glass
- SGG PARSOL body-tinted glass
- SGG SATINOVO acid etched glass
- sandblasted (sandblasted on underside of the panel)
- SGG SERALIT screen-printed glass (one component only)
- SGG DECORGLASS or SGG MASTERGLASS textured glass (patterned face on upper side of panel)

The different types of interlayer that are available for SGG LITE-FLOOR are:
- standard transparent
- opaque
- coloured ( SGG STADIP COLOR)
- printed with a digital image ( SGG IMAGE);
- printed with a pattern: ( SGG STADIP DESIGN).

Details of glass from the SGG LITE-FLOOR range can be found below. The safety level required and therefore the type of glass that should be used depends on the number and type of supports, the length-width ratio (L/w) and the type of building in which the panel is to be installed.

As a general rule, the thickness required is determined on a case by case basis using the loads as per BS 6399.