SGG SPYGLASS is a reflective glass, manufactured by coating SGG PLANILUX clear float glass by magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions. SGG SPYGLASS can be used under certain lighting ratios (7:1) for undetected observation.

Its characteristics of low light transmittance and high light reflectance:
- Result in a mirror-like appearance for the area under  surveillance, preventing the subject from seeing through the glass
- Create an observation area, enabling the observer to see through the glass without being seen, providing lighting levels in the area under surveillance are seven times brighter.


Minimum dimensions
- Annealed : 300 x 300 mm
- Heat-strengthened or toughened: 750 x 300 mm


The acoustic performance of SGG SPYGLASS is identical to SGG PLANILUX.

Processed Product Variation

- SGG STADIP and SGG STADIP PROTECT laminated glass.
- SGG SECURIT toughened glass and SGG PLANIDUR heat-strengthened glass (see dimensions in table).
- SGG CLIMALIT/ SGG CLIMAPLUS double-glazed units: SGG SPYGLASS can be assembled into double-glazed units, with the coating towards the inside of the unit.


SGG SPYGLASS must always be installed in accordance with current national regulations. SGG SPYGLASS is installed inthe same way as SGG COOL-LITE glass.

• Interior applications:
SGG SPYGLASS can be installed as a monolithic single-glazed screen.
• In facades:
SGG SPYGLASS double-glazed units must be installed the same way as SGG COOL-LITE double-glazed units.


During glazing, care must be taken to protect the treated face of the glass from splashes (mortar, concrete, weld spatter).
SGG SPYGLASS must be washed immediately if it becomes dirty and then regularly when work is complete, as part of the normal maintenance routine, using mild non-abrasive detergent or solvent solutions (isopropanol, etc). Cleaning products which contain or may produce fluorine or hydrofluoric acid salts should not be used. Cleaning must be followed immediately by rinsing with clean water. The glass must then be dried with a clean soft cloth.