SGG VISION-LITE is an anti-reflective glass. Its high transparency provides perfect vision of objects. The observer’s view through the glass is not impaired by reflections from light or from the surrounding environment: he can clearly see the colour rendering and contrast.
SGG VISION-LITE anti-reflective coated glass is obtained by applying a series of transparent metallic oxide coatings to the surface of the glass under vacuum conditions. The anti-reflective effect is obtained when both sides of the single glazed glass have an anti-reflective coating. For double-glazed units, all 4 faces are treated with the anti-reflective coating.

Product Application

SGG VISION-LITE can be used in a wide variety of external and internal applications that are designed for optimum vision through glass.

- Shop fronts, picture windows of restaurants
- Control towers (airports, harbours)
- Screens orpartitions to separate spectators in stadiums.

- Windows and display-cabinets in museums, protective screens for paintings, display cabinets (shops, display areas)
- Internal partitions (hospitals, clean rooms, control rooms)
- Television studios (no reflection in front of the cameras)
- Interpreter booths and recording studios.

- Signage or advertising panels (railway stations, airports, etc.)
- Machine control rooms on building sites (cranes, tractors).

Shop Raab-Karcher, Berlin


• Improved visibility: very low residual reflectance (approximately 8 times less reflection than conventional glass) and very high transparency levels.
• Clarity of objects: better contrast and colour rendering.
• Large sizes: SGG VISION-LITE is used for large shop windows and large picture windows.
• Enhanced security: SGG VISION-LITE is available as SGG STADIP PROTECT laminated safety glass.
• Cost savings: the transparency of SGG VISION-LITE and its very low light reflectance often reduces the need for sun visors outside shop windows and the requirement for artificial lighting.

Important note
The residual reflectance of SGG VISION-LITE anti-reflective glass is very low (approximately 1% in monolithic laminated). It is however still visible under certain lighting conditions, the surrounding environment and the angle of observation. The residual reflectance depends on the angle from which it is viewed. Perpendicular to the glass, it is slightly bluish and can vary slightly.
For external applications (eg: shop windows), large samples should be inspected in situ at the proposed location of use, prior to specification.

Control Tower - Brussels Airport


- SGG VISION-LITE is available as SGG STADIP PROTECT laminated glass,
produced on SGG DIAMANT extra clear glass.
- Semi VISION-LITE is the monolithic glass which is used to produce SGG VISION-LITE laminated glass. It is the SGG DIAMANT extra clear glass which has an anti-reflective coating on one of the 2 faces. SGG VISION-LITE is obtained by assembling 2 sheets of Semi VISION-LITE.

(1) Other thicknesses and compositions are available upon request.
(2) These dimensions are those of the base glass. The maximum dimensions of the finished product depend on the technical capabilities of the processing site.
(3) Tolerances: thickness 6mm: + 0.2mm / thickness 8mm and 10mm: + 0.3mm