SGG SECURIPOINT is a glass that is strengthened by special thermal toughening treatment. This treatment gives it a mechanical resistance that is superior to that of:
- annealed glazing
- heat-strengthened glass ( SGG PLANIDUR)
- toughened glass ( SGG SECURIT).
If the glass breaks, it fragments into small pieces with dulled edges.

Product Application

SGG SECURIPOINT has been developed to meet the requirements of applications where the glass is subjected to high levels of mechanical stress. It is intended for use in the following assemblies:
- Exterior bolted glass assemblies (VEA) such as SGG POINT or SGG MECA GLASS
- Glazing that is occasionally clamped such as SGG METAG
- Where the glass performs a structural element (fins, beams etc) or where the glass is subject to significant continuous and/or occasional loads.

Neven Dumont, Cologne, Germany
Architect : Hentrich Petschnigg and Partner


• Mechanical strength: SGG SECURIPOINT has the ability to withstand mechanical stresses that far exceed those of SGG SECURIT.
• Very low risk of spontaneous fracture due to the inclusion of NiS: SGG SECURIPOINT must undergo additional heat treatment known as the Heat Soak Test (BS EN 14179). This treatment is used to reveal the presence of critical inclusions of Nickel Sulphide (NiS) in glass panes. This destructive test is designed to break any glass that is at risk. Athough current technology will not provide a 100% guarantee, this treatment considerably reduces the risks of spontaneous breakage.
• Fragmentation: SGG SECURIPOINT fragments into small pieces with dulled edges. This reduces the risk of injuries in the event of breakage.
• Low risk of breakage due to thermal stresses: the manufacturing process of SGG SECURIPOINT increases its resistance to thermal stress. It is greater than that of annealed glass of the same thickness.
• Guaranteed surface stress level: a surface stress level reading (stress on the surface of the glass) resulting in a higher bending strength.


 Base products (substrates): Identical to those used for SGG SECURIT. However, for certain specific products such as glass from the SGG DECORGLASS range, see SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS. The name of products from the SGG SECURIPOINT range is also similar to the one used for SGG SECURIT (e.g. SGG SECURIPOINT enamelled glass is called SGG SECURIPOINT EMALIT. Used in specific applications, it is called SGG SECURIPOINT-S).
Thicknesses: SGG SECURIPOINT is available in the following thicknesses: 6 mm to 19 mm.
Maximum sizes: 5500 x 2400 mm subject to availability.

For other sizes and base products such as SGG EMALIT, SGG SERALIT or SGG COOL-LITE, please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS. The tolerances on sizes of SGG SECURIPOINT are identical to those of SGG SECURIT.


• Spectrophotometric and thermal performance: these are the same as those for SGG SECURIT.
• Mechanical performance: after the Heat-Soak test treatment, the thermal strength level, which is characterised by the controlled surface stress level is at least 120 MPa on any point on the glass.

Processed Product Variation

Identical to SGG SECURIT except for edgeworking, which should be at least ground edge quality.


Conventional installation in channels and the dimensions of SGG SECURIPOINT glass must comply with the current national standards and regulations as well as our own instructions. For installation conditions which differ from those described above, a specific study should be carried out using the specific dimensions of the glazing, its installation and conditions of use etc. In particular this will assess the relative movements of the various components of the structure. For this reason SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS offers a range of approved systems which provide complete, high performance solutions.

Standards and Regulation

SGG SECURIPOINT meets the requirements of standard BS EN 14179.
SGG SECURIPOINT is a component of SGG POINT, produced in accordance with the French Technical Instruction.Each piece of glass is marked with the name SGG SECURIPOINT, the processing site code and the reference BS EN 14179. This marking certifies the origin of the product, and that it conforms to standard BS EN 14179 and to the specifications for manufacturing.  SGG SECURIPOINT glass will receive CE marking when it is officially in force.

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