SGG PLANILUX is a high quality, clear annealed glass from SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS. It is manufactured by the float process, which produces a glass with a perfectly flat, parallel surface.

Product Application

SGG PLANILUX is available in an extensive range of thicknesses and is suitable for a wide variety of applications:
- External and internal glazing in buildings;
- Colourless, transparent furniture and glazing for all uses, ranging from indoor furniture to fully glazed structural facades.
SGG PLANILUX is a multi-purpose clear glass.


SGG PLANILUX is available in a range of thicknesses, from 2 mm to 19 mm.


• The spectrophotometric performance of SGG PLANILUX is given for:
- Single glazing, for all thicknesses;
- In SGG CLIMALIT double-glazed units and in SGG CLIMAPLUS enhanced thermal insulation double-glazed units, combined with an SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL low emissivity glass, for the most commonly used compositions.
• Acoustic performance
• The mechanical performance conforms to standard BS EN 572-2.

(1) ND: non disponible.

Processed Product Variation

SGG PLANILUX is the substrate glass used for the  manufacture of most other processed glass products: coated glass, mirrors, double-glazed units, laminated, toughened, screen-printed, decorated, acid-etched, sandblasted, lacquered, edgeworked etc.




SGG PLANILUX must be installed in accordance with the recommendations given in section 3.2, “TechnicalInformation, Guide to Installation”.

Standards and Regulation

SGG PLANILUX clear float glass conforms  to standard BS EN 572-2 and carries the relevant CE mark as required.

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