SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION is a highly durable mirror produced without copper or lead*.
The mirror is created by depositing a layer of silver onto the glass, which is then treated, proceeded by one or more layers of highly resistant protective paint.
The innovative manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly and improves the overall durability and optical quality of the product.

*lead content of paint < 0.5 %.

SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION is characterised by a ‘grey-green’ varnish on the rear of the glass

Product Application

Thanks to its ability to capture and reflect light, SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION increases the feeling of space and enhances interiors:
- in communal areas in office or apartment blocks: entrance halls, lifts or landings
- in shopping centres and retails stores
- in bars, restaurants, clubs, theatres and cinemas
- in public buildings, offices, clinics and hospitals
- in leisure centres and dance studios.
- as framed or unframed mirrors
- for panelling on walls, doors or pillars
- in furniture (tables, cupboard doors, shelves)
- for signage


Environmentally friendly
The new manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly as it excludes the use of copper and lead. Polluting waste products are considerably reduced during  manufacture and downstream processing stages. It also means that the product is easier to recycle.

SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION transforms internal spaces with brilliance and perspective (maximisation effect).

Improved optical quality
Exclusion of copper from the silvering process prevents clouding and minimises the veil effect.

Increased durability
SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION surpasses the durability requirements that are defined in standard BS EN 1036 and its resistance to ageing tests is three times that of aconventional mirror.

SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION SAFE complies with impact performance requirements for use in buildings.

Easy installation and processing
SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION is compatible with more silicones and adhesives than traditional mirrors. The durability of the coating makes the glass easier to cut and process.



Thickness tolerance : ± 0.2 mm
For other colours please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS

Safety: SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION SAFE, safety film-backed mirror

• A special safety film can be applied to the back of the mirror. If the mirror is broken, the film holds the fragments of glass in place and thus reduces the risk of injury.
• Installation: mechanical fixing or double-sided mirror adhesive pads in conjunction with mechanical restraints or supports. Silicone fixings must not be used.
SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION SAFE complies with standard BS EN 12600, class 2B2

For certain applications (e.g. solar reflectors for heliostats), SGG MIRALITE-REVOLUTION can be manufactured using SGG DIAMANT extra clear glass (giving a much higher light reflectance).


Conforms with BS EN 1036

Processed Product Variations

SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION is suitable for cutting into regular and more unusual shapes.
After cutting, it can be drilled and edgeworked (bevel, arris etc.), like traditional mirrors.
The front face of the mirror can also be customised by means of sandblasting or engraving to create patterns, logos and graphics.


Glazing into a frame
• Ensure that the frame and glazing channels are clean and dry.
• Position the mirror on hard plastic blocks at least 3 mm thick, in order to raise the mirror and to avoid any contact with water, which could collect in the frame.

Screw fixing
• Use screws of appropriate dimension.
• Avoid direct contact between the glass and the metal by using plastic spacers and washers.
• Attach the mirror by applying pressure without placing any stresses on it.

Adhesive fixing
• Secure the mirror using double-sided adhesive strips or pads that are certified as being compatible with mirrors*.
• Always follow the instructions of the adhesive manufacturer.

* If in any doubt about the compatibility of the adhesive with the mirror backing, test its reaction to the backing paint and/or safety film.

Exterior glazing
• Ensure that the rear surface and edges are protected from the weather.
• Ensure that the inside of the panel is ventilate

• Do not use harsh products (acidic, very alkaline or abrasive solutions).
• Ensure that no residue from cleaning products is left around the edges.

SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION must be installed in compliance with current national regulations and safety standards.
• Certain locations may require the use of a safety mirror such as SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION SAFE

In all cases:
• Ensure there is a space between the supporting wall and the mirror to provide good ventilation (5mm space if the mirror is < 1m tall, 10mm space if the mirror is > 1m tall).
• When fitting several mirrors side by side, provide a minimum space of 1 to 2 mm between them for spacers.
• Place the mirror against a support wall which is stable, clean and dry, and free from harsh substances.
• To avoid optical distortion the mirror must be installed absolutely flat against a flat support surface without any point stresses.
• Avoid positioning the mirror too close to a source of intense heat.

Standards and Regulation

SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION mirrors, manufactured by SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS, comply with the requirements of standard BS EN 1036.
They will receive the relevant CE marking when this is applicable.

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