SGG MASTERGLASS is manufactured by casting and rolling the glass between two moulded cylinders. This extremely precise process leaves a crisp, textured effect on the glass. One face of the glass is texture and the other is smooth.

Product Application

This new generation glass can be incorporated in any type of residential and professional projects (offices, shops, hotels and restaurants).
SGG MASTERGLASS is intended for a wide variety of applications:
- Fixed or sliding partitions
- All-glass doors and framed doors
- Windows and glazing in façades
- Shower and bath screens
- Furniture (cabinet doors, tables, counters, shelves)
- Indoor and outdoor guarding
- Balcony screens
- Stair treads, floor panels
- Street furniture.


Exclusive design
The SGG MASTERGLASS range comprises five patterns, which offer a fresh approach to modern architecture.

Light and privacy
SGG MASTERGLASS glass catches light creating attractive effects. Its special translucency provides maximum light
while maintaining the privacy of areas and people.

Combining appearance and safety
Designed to be toughened or laminated, SGG MASTERGLASS can meet all safety requirements


The SGG MASTERGLASS range comprises 5 patterns:

The distinctive geometric patterns are embossed on a translucent, matt substrate.


Light transmittance 84% to 89% depending on the pattern (6 mm thickness).
These values correspond to a light transmittance which is mainly diffused.
Full spectrophotometric performance:
- for single glazing
- in SGG CLIMAPLUS double-glazed units, with SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL low-emissivity glass.

(1)Translucent textured glass with light diffusing patterns. The values indicated are all according to standard EN140 even though this is not strictly applied to this glass. These values apply to: SGG MASTER-CARRE, SGG MASTER-LIGNE, SGG MASTER-POINT, SGG MASTER-RAY and SGG MATER-LENS; they are approxmate values, and may vary slightly for each product.

Processed Product Variations

SGG MASTERGLASS glass is suitable for all types of processing:
-Cutting and edgework
-Safety: toughened and laminated* double-glazed units
-Acoustic laminated glass*

* For laminated glass, the patterned side must face the outside of the assembly. Only SGG MASTER-CARRE and SGG MASTER-POINT can be laminated (always 4 mm).


SGG MASTERGLASS must be installed in accordance with current national safety standards and regulations.
As for all textured glasses, SGG MASTERGLASS has a pattern direction. For a uniform appearance, adjacent panes should all be cut and glazed in the same pattern direction. Special care must be taken when cutting glass panes where continuity of pattern is important.
For external applications, please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS.

Standards and Regulation

SGG MASTERGLASS is a patterned glass and all quality aspects conform to standard BS EN 572-5. It will receive CE marking when it is officially in force.

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