SGG FEELING is a glass tile, which is designed for internal wall cladding.
SGG FEELING is manufactured using high-performance lacquering and engraving techniques.
SGG FEELING is designed to be as easy to cut and install as traditional tiles.


Product Application

SGG FEELING is designed exclusively for internal applications:
- In the home: bathrooms, kitchens, entrance halls, apartment blocks etc.
- In businesses: hotels (reception areas, bathrooms, bedrooms), restaurants, retail stores, shopping centres, offices (meeting rooms, landings, reception areas), museums, stations, airports, hospitals.


A new look for tiles
SGG FEELING plays with the transparent qualities of glass to create surfaces that are alive and vibrant with light. The result is a choice of materials with surprising subtlety of colour and contrasting depths.

Easy installation
SGG FEELING is just as easy to install as traditional tiling.

Multiple applications
The range of formats means that SGG FEELING can be installed in any room, regardless of the size and can be easily combined with traditional ceramic tiles.


The range includes 8 bright colours, 2 metallic effects, 4 engraved patterns and borders:
• Basics: available in eight colours (Extra-White, Ivory, Almond Green, Aqua Blue, Mint Green, Solar Yellow, Opera Red, Black) giving brilliance and depth to the glass.
• Metallics: two exclusive metallic effects (Metallic Mat - Grey - and Metallic Squares)
• Engraved: 4 elegant, engraved patterns (Waves, Stripes, Mesh, Bubbles) showing the depth of the material on either a coloured or mirrored background.
• Borders: richness and volume of heat-formed glass  available in six of the Basic colours.

(1) Engraved mesh is 10mm thick
(2) Two formats available as a triple border: 5 x 15 cm and 5 x 30 cm
Weight per unit area: 15 kg/m2 in 6 mm, 20 kg/m2 in 8 mm, 25 kg/m2 in 10 mm



SGG FEELING has been tested in accordance with the following standards:
• Resistance
- lightweight impact ..........UPEC P2Ball 50 g
- tensile strength.................BS EN 100 ..40 MPa
- compressive strength .... 1000 MPa
• Modulus of elasticity ..... 70 GPa
• Linear expansion..............BS EN 103..9 x 10-6
• Water absorption ............BS EN 99 ..................0%
• Mohs hardness ................BS EN 101....................6


SGG FEELING is installed in the same way as ceramic tiles.
• It is designed exclusively for wall cladding in internal areas except for swimming pools and industrial areas.
• It is recommended that it is installed in front of a surface that is uniformly coloured (a light colour for light tiles).
• In a kitchen, the product must not be in direct contact with flames or sources of intense heat (oven, hotplate, very hot utensils).
• A slight difference in colour shade may occur if the tiles are exposed to a temperature higher than 50°C for a long period.
• Installation must be carried out in accordance with best practice and in compliance with regulations (in the UK BS 8000-11.1, BS 5385-1 and BS 5385-4).

Cutting and drilling
• Use diamond cutting tools that are suitable for glass: tile cutter, cutter disk, drills and hole cutter type tools.
• The tiles are cut on the glass face on a work surface which is clean and free from abrasive particles (glass) in order to reduce the risk of scratches.
• Drilling must be carried out with water cooling, either before or after installation.
• It is essential to smooth the cut edges (grinding stone).

SGG FEELING can be fixed using adhesives and mortars suitable for wall installation and in particular*:
- Weber & Broutin: Fermaflex Technic, Fermaflex Record, Fermafix Plus
- Bal : Mosaic Fix, Single Part Flex, Wall White Star
- Mapei : Adesilex P24+, Kerabond+Isolastic
- Botament / Eurocol : please refer to the producer for exact references of the adhesives
• Epoxy resin based adhesives must not be used.
• In all cases it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

* the list of adhesives is not exhaustive (please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS for more information).

In case of any doubt concerning the compatibility of the adhesive, please tests its reaction with the product.
• To obtain the optimum visual appearance:
- it is essential to apply an additional layer of adhesive to the reverse of the tile around the edges (buttering)
- place the tiles in position by pressing them together edge to edge and then slide them until the joints are obtained (2 mm minimum)
- use adhesive and grout of similar shades

• There must be a grout of at least 2 mm between the tiles.
• Only use a grout for earthenware wall tiles (epoxy based grouts or quartz sand based grouts must not be used).
• Observe the adhesive drying times recommended by the manufacturer before grouting.
• Ensure the base of the joints is completely filled, for example using a grout bag.

• Clean using a clean, soft cloth (do not use abrasive pads) and a standard glass-cleaning product.
• Do not use agents with a high alkaline concentration (soda, potassium) or agents containing abrasive particles.
• Do not clean with a high-pressure water spray.

The tiles must be stored in covered, dry, frost-free areas.


Standards and Regulation

SGG FEELING has been tested in accordance with the following standards:
Basic and Engraved Coloured:
Variable climate: NFP 78451
High Humidity 40° C: EN 1036
UV stability (3500 hours): ISO 105B02
Metallic and Engraved Mirrored:
Neutral salt spray: ISO 9227
Copper-accelerated acetic acid salt spray: ISO 9227

SGG FEELING complies with standard ISO 10 545-13.

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