SGG BALDOSA GRABADA is a thick patterned glass (12 or 19 mm) with a unique deep pattern embossed on one face. This is obtained by casting and rolling the glass between two cylinders.
The pattern is deep and three-dimensional, ideal for use in interiors. SGG BALDOSA GRABADA is part of the extensive SGG DECORGLASS range.

Product Application

• Bathrooms: vanity units, shelves, screens
• Kitchens: table tops and work surfaces
• Hotels, offices and other non-residential buildings: facades, reception desks, stair treads, partitions, feature glass, floor panels, desk tops, conference tables, countertops, shelves etc


Light-filled interiors
SGG BALDOSA GRABADA combines three beneficial features:
- A high level of light transmittance through the glass
- Translucency as it screens areas from direct view
- The mechanical strength of thick glass.

Feeling of increased space
When used in the place of conventional opaque materials, SGG BALDOSA GRABADA creates a feeling of increased space, especially in small rooms.

The exclusive, tactile SGG BALDOSA GRABADA pattern co-ordinates well with modern interior schemes. It is ideal for use with other materials such as metal in contemporary furniture.

Mechanical strength
SGG BALDOSA GRABADA has excellent mechanical strength and is an ideal material for all applications requiring a
strong, durable material. To ensure its longevity, special care must be taken during processing and installation of the glass (cutting, edgeworking, fixing) to avoid damaging the surface or edges.


Thicknesses: 12, 19 mm
Colour: clear
Standard dimension: 2520 x 1800 mm


Light transmittance: 83% in 12 mm thickness, 85% in 19mm

Processed Product Variations

- cut (with a diamond saw)
- drilled
- edgeworked (polished edges, bevels and ogee edges etc.)
- toughened
- enamelled (please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS).


Care must be taken to ensure a high quality of installation.
Particular attention must be paid to the quality of cutting, the finish of the edges, and with any fixings. SGG BALDOSA GRABADA must always be installed in accordance with current national regulations. Some applications require the use of toughened safety glass. Please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS for guidance.

Stairs and floors
The strength of the support structure must be taken into account when calculating the size of the panels. Framing on all 4 sides is recommended.
Positioning of the glass sheets:
- Pattern facing upwards for reduced slippage
- Pattern facing downwards for areas in which ease of cleaning is important.

Standards and Regulation

SGG BALDOSA GRABADA complies with the requirements of standard BS EN 572-5 and carries the relevant CE marking as required.

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