SGG_Bioclean Natura


  • Less frequent and much easier cleaning - windows stay cleaner for longer
  • Save money - the cost of window cleaning is therefore reduced
  • Ideal for hard to reach areas - such as conservatory roofs
  • Permanent coatings - last the lifetime of the window
  • Attractive appearance and reduced glare, whilst letting in plenty natural daylight.
  • Offers good solar control performance, helping to keep rooms cooler during sunny periods.
  • Environmentally friendly - less frequent use of water, detergents and additional cooling equipment.
Where can it be used?
This glass is particularly suited to applications where access for cleaning is either difficult or dangerous. It also allows for large areas of glazing, whilst reducing glare and excessive heat build up. 
  • Conservatory roofs
  • Windows
  • Patio doors / other external doors
What is it?
SGG BIOCLEAN NATURA is a dual-function glass that provides both solar protection and a self-cleaning low-maintenance coating on the outside surface.  This unique glass combines two coatings so you can have the best of both worlds! The SGG BIOCLEAN coating harnesses UV light and rain to efficiently breakdown and rinse away dirty residues so your windows stay cleaner for longer. At the same time the solar control function of the coating blocks up to 2/3 of heat by reflecting it to the outside therefore keeping the interior temperature cooler during sunny spells.
SGG BIOCLEAN NATURA can easily be combined with many other products from the Saint-Gobain Glass range to also prevent heat loss; for example SGG PLANITHERM 4S to give an excellent solar factor (72% solar reduction) and thermal efficiency (U-value of 1.0).
Sample double-glazing composition with SGG BIOCLEAN NATURA:
    Outer Pane - 4 mm SGG BIOCLEAN NATURA
    Cavity - 16 mm 90% Argon
    Inner Pane - 4 mm SGG PLANITHERM 4S II
    Light transmittance: 37%
    Solar Factor: 71% (g-value of 0.29)
    U-value: 1.0W/m2K


  • Very neutral appearance, enabling you to match your conservatory glass with your home's existing glazing
  • Maximises natural daylight, creating a fresh feel for your conservatory and the adjoining rooms
  • Reflects up to of 71% of the sun's heat, reducing the need for costly air conditioning and blinds that will obscure your view
  • Solar control coating reduces uncomfortable glare by over 60%
  • Reduces the bleaching effect of the sun by blocking 87% of the sun's UV rays, prolonging the life of your conservatory furniture and soft furnishings
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Easier and less frequent cleaning
  • Ongoing cost savings – lower air conditioning and cleaning bills
  • Reduced impact noise of precipitation compared to polycarbonate roof panels

"Our choice of Natura roof glass for our conservatory really helps us to bring the outside in and links the house and garden perfectly!"

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