SGG Reflectasol



What is it?

SGG REFLECTASOL is a reflective, solar control glass.


This solar glass product is manufactured by a process known as “on-line Pyrolytic coating” where a coating is applied to the glass surface by means of pyrolysis.


The process fuses metal oxides on the surface of the float glass at high temperature while the glass is formed during the float process. SGG Patented Technology is depositing the coating at a temperature 200 degrees hotter than competition, creating the product REFLECTASOL with a unique higher Light Reflection.


The coating gives a “mirror-like” façade to SGG REFLECTASOL, giving it visual appeal while providing functional benefits like solar control and glare reduction.

Product Application

Where can it be used?

This Solar control glass is used widely in small/ large areas where reduction of solar heat is required to keep the interiors cool.

  • Windows & Doors (Aluminum, Wooden …etc.)
  • Large facades



  • Residential: Villas, Buildings, …etc.
  • Commercial: Malls, Medical Centers, …etc.
  • Offices.


What is the Range?

SGG Reflectasol offers a wide range of performance and colour options through:


  • SGG REFLECTASOL Light Bronze


What are the available thicknesses?

  • SGG REFLECTASOL Light Bronze (3.5, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm)
  • SGG REFLECTASOL Bronze (4, 5, 6, 8 mm)
  • SGG REFLECTASOL Green (4, 5, 6, 8 mm)
  • SGG REFLECTASOL Blue (6 mm)


What are the Advantages?

  • Solar Control:           
    • Level of visible reflection is 53-54%, highest reflection among competition which does not exceed 36%.
    • This glass reflects a large percentage of the solar radiation, thereby restricting the heat gain inside the building.


  • Colour of the coating in reflection:            
    • Mirror appearance. Reflection much brighter than any other product due to a Reflection 20% above competition.
    • Uniformity of colour perceived.
    • Perceived colour under different angles of view.


  • Superior Visual Comfort:
    • Reflects away the right amount of daylight so as to limit glare, while allowing the comforting amount of natural light.
    • Level of vision into the building is minimum during day, which gives us complete privacy, keeping the view toward outside: no need to use the blinds all day long.


  • Superior durability:
    • High wear and superior scratch resistance.
    • SGG REFLECTASOL durability and chemical resistance is far better than any Chinese Reflective Glass as it resists 66% more time in standard tests. 

Processing Capabilities

What are the Processing characteristics?

Major questions:  Can the coating be

  • Tempered ?                                                        Yes
  • Curved?                                                               Yes
  • Enamelled ?                                                       Yes
  • Used as single glazing?                                  Yes
  • Laminated ?                                                        Yes
  • Easily processed ?                                            Yes
  • Is It easily available ?                                        Yes                                                             

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