Advanced Solar protection
Selective solar control and low-E coating for better energy savings.
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This solution ensures the heating up of interior spaces from heating up while maximizing daylight. Thus the cooling, heating and lighting energy required is sustainably reduced; the effect is a bright atmosphere and comfortable room temperature in any season.


Thanks to an advanced combination of solar, thermal and light output mix performances, aesthetics and processing flexibility, COOL-LITE K is the perfect product for several architectural projects, like:

  • Office buildings
  • Mixed used buildings
  • Education buildings
  • Health buildings
  • Hotels, restaurants


Higher light transmission levels and more transparent than other solar control glasses.

  • Spectrally selective glasses combining high light transmission levels with a low solar factor, thus reducing air conditioning costs.
  • Provide excellent thermal insulation properties when assembled into double-glazed units.
  • Have a neutral appearance with low light reflectance when produced on a clear substrate.

Handling and Processing

Available in two versions : temperable or to be tempered

  • To be assembled in double glazing only
  • Edge deletion mandatory


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