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COOL-LITE SKN 144 II is a solar control glass, which blocks up to 77% of solar heat by reflecting it to the outside. It can be for use in residential or commercial buildings alike, either for façades or overhead glazing. Due to the unique solar control properties of the coating, it is only available as a to-be-toughened glass.


Ideal for offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals and many other commercial buildings. COOL-LITE SKN can be installed in many glazing applications:

  • Curtain walling
  • Exterior structural sealant glazing
  • Exterior bolted glass assemblies
  • Double-skin applications
  • Cladding of external walls
  • Overhead and atria glazing


COOL-LITE SKN 144 II is designed to offer exceptional solar and thermal performance: - very low g-value of 0.23 - optimum U-value of 1.1W/m2K - neutral appearance both in transmission and exterior reflection - good levels of natural light transmission COOL-LITE SKN 144 II can be used to improve the energy efficiency of buildings by considerably reducing overheating and the need for costly air conditioning. It is particularly suited to large areas of glazing where superior solar control performance is required whilst at the same time noticeably reducing excessive heat loss.

Handling and Processing

COOL-LITE SKN 144 II forms part of the ever-evolving range of ‘to be toughened’ neutral solar control coatings from SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS.

In order to achieve its superior thermal properties, solar control properties and neutral appearance, COOL-LITE SKN 144 II must always be toughened or heat-strengthened before assembly into a double-glazed unit. For optimum performance and aesthetics, the COOL-LITE SKN 144 II coating should always be positioned on face 2 of a double-glazed unit.

For further information on the processed product variations, such as laminating, curving and toughening please look at the Processing of SGG COOL-LITE SKN/SKN II page.


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