Type 41/22 solar control glass High selectivity and high thermal insulation
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COOL-LITE® SKN is a range of products whose coatings ensure high performance both in solar control and thermal insulation. The coatings are applied to PLANICLEAR® clear float glass by catholic sputtering under vacuum conditions. To each COOL-LITE® SKN coating corresponds the “to be toughened”.

Double glazing* with COOL-LITE ® SKN 145 has a very high level of solar protection (g = 0.22) and very moderate light transmission (TL = 41%).


With its characteristics, COOL-LITE ® SKN 145 is well suited to glazing that is highly exposed to solar radiation:

  • canopies or roofs;
  • largely glazed facades facing south or west in hot, sunny climates or without additional exterior solar protection, such as the facades of high-rise buildings (IGH).


COOL-LITE ® SKN 145 combines all the advantages of high performance coated glasses:

  • a slightly scintillating bluish appearance and a stable and homogeneous color under different viewing angles;
  • very high solar protection (solar factor of 0.22): reduction of costs due to the use and purchase of expensive air conditioning equipment;
  • high thermal insulation (Ug = 1.1 W/m2.K) to limit heating losses;
  • the possibility of creating largely glazed spaces open to the outside, while preserving the visual and thermal comfort of the occupants.

Handling and Processing

COOL-LITE ® SKN 145 must always be assembled in insulating glazing with the layer placed opposite 2. The margin of the layer is obligatory.


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