High performance solar control glass with advanced thermal insulation

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COOL-LITE SKN 165/165 II is a solar control glass coating applied to PLANILUX.
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The coating allows the light through while reducing the solar heat, making it ideal for commercial glazing where high levels of light transmittance coupled with a low solar factor are required.


COOL-LITE SKN can be installed in many glazing applications:

  • Curtain walling
  • Exterior structural sealant glazing
  • Exterior bolted glass assemblies
  • Double-skin applications
  • Cladding of external walls

Overhead and atria glazing Ideal for offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals and many other commercial buildings.


COOL-LITE SKN 165 balances the advantages of a high performance and very neutral solar control

product with:

  • a high light transmission
  • a very low g-value, which reduces solar gain by as much as 50% compared to standard thermally insulating glass
  • an excellent U-value of 1.0W/m2 K
  • a high degree of neutrality both in transmission and exterior reflection COOL-LITE SKN 165 can be used to create more comfortable interiors by reducing overheating and the need for costly air conditioning, whilst at the same time noticeably reducing excessive heat loss.

COOL-LITE STADIP SKN 165 is also available which adds the following benefits:

Acoustic benefits – Improved acoustic performance.

Safety benefits – Helps protect against accidental and wilful damage.

Security – Can achieve a P1A & P2A Accreditation for BS EN 356.

UV filtration – To help protect furnishings from fading from UV light

Handling and Processing

The technical performance and aesthetics of COOL-LITE SKN 165 (annealed) and COOL-LITE SKN 165 II (to be toughened/heat-strengthened) are identical. COOL-LITE SKN 165 II can be toughened from stock enabling a quick turnaround for toughened/ heat-strengthened double-glazed units. Together, these two coatings can be used to produce exciting and innovative projects within a short timescale. There is the additional advantage, therefore, of a short lead time for replacements.


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