COOL-LITE® SKN 183 and 183 II

Type 75/40 solar control glass. High selectivity and excellent thermal insulation.
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COOL-LITE SKN 183 (II) is Saint-Gobain’s latest innovative coated glass, with the highest light transmission in the COOL-LITE® range (TL=75% in DGU) combined with a low solar factor (40%), high selectivity (S = 1.88) and neutral aesthetics. It is an ideal product for facades (curtain walls, windowband facades, punctuated facades…), in commercial and residential buildings where high daylight income is desired, with no compromise on performance.


With their characteristics, COOL-LITE ® SKN 183 and SKN 183 II are glazing suitable for new tertiary projects or renovations where a very high contribution of natural light is desired, while maintaining a satisfactory level of thermal comfort.

This is particularly the case in all projects where the benefits of natural light are important for the end user, such as:

  • in schools, universities or vocational training institutions to improve learning abilities;
  • in hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes, etc. to improve the well-being felt by patients or residents;
  • in weakly glazed facades where the openings must provide maximum natural light while avoiding overheating in summer;
  • on the inside wall of a double-skin façade where light transmission can be reduced by the number of glazed panels.


Insulating glazing with COOL-LITE ® SKN 183 or SKN 183 II combines all the advantages of high performance coated glass:

  • a very neutral and low-reflective appearance (12%) which gives great transparency to glazed frames or windows:
  • a very high light transmission for a very significant contribution in natural light for the comfort of the users and also for the savings in artificial lighting;
  • moderate solar protection (g=0.40) to avoid overconsumption of energy for air conditioning; for the visual comfort of users, the addition of integrated blinds (CLIMAPLUS ® SCREEN) is possible;
  • excellent thermal insulation (U g = 1.0 W/m 2 . K) to limit heat loss as much as possible.

Handling and Processing

COOL-LITE ® SKN 183 and SKN 183 II must always be assembled in insulating glazing with the layer placed opposite 2. The margin of the layer is compulsory for both products. In addition, to achieve its performance and its appearance, COOL-LITE ® SKN 183 II must always be tempered before its assembly in double glazing.

After transformations, insulating glazing units including an SKN 183 or SKN 183 II layer have a similar external appearance. They can be installed side by side on the same facade