Type 70/33 solar control glass. Extremely high selectivity and thermal insulation..
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Double glazing with COOL-LITE® XTREME 70/33 or 70/33 II has a very high light transmission of 70%, while at the same time blocking two thirds of solar energy (67%). They are the only solar control lenses with this level of light transmission to present such a ratio between clarity and solar protection (selectivity of 2.12). Thanks to their performance, they are positioned as the best solar control glazing in their category.


Insulating glazing with COOL-LITE® XTREME 70/33 and 70/33 II is well suited to new tertiary projects or renovations with high energy performance. With their characteristics, they are generally installed:

  • on the facades: moderately or moderately glazed so that the occupants can make the most of the openings as a source of natural light for their comfort and well-being. For the visual comfort of the occupants, the addition of blinds integrated into the double glazing is possible (Double Glazed Low-E);
  • in partially glazed roofs or skylights


The XTREME range is designed to meet the needs of specifiers to obtain the best possible sun protection for a given light transmission. Insulating glazing with COOL-LITE® XTREME 70/33 and 70/33 II combines;

  • very high transparency seen from the outside or the inside: very slightly reflective and very neutral appearance combined with very high light transmission;
  • a very high contribution of natural light to save artificial lighting and for the well-being of people;
  • optimal sun protection with a very high level of light transmission to reduce consumption due to the use of air conditioning;
  • excellent thermal insulation (Ug of 1.0 W/ m2.K) to limit heating losses as much as possible.

All of these features make it possible to create bright, open-to-the-outdoor spaces, even when moderately glazed, that nevertheless remain comfortable and energy efficient.

Handling and Processing

  • COOL-LITE® XTREME 70/33 and 70/33 II must always be assembled in insulating glass with the layer placed in front 2 . Layer margining is mandatory for both products.
  • COOL-LITE® XTREME 70/33 is used annealed while the XTREME 70/33 II version must always be quenched to achieve its performance and neutral appearance. Double glazing with COOL-LITE® XTREME 70/33 and 70/33 II have a similar appearance and can be installed on the same façade.


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