Thermal insulation
Brilliant and neutral solar control glass with extremely high selectivity and thermal insulation.
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Double glazing with COOL-LITE ® XTREME SILVER II has a reflective and very neutral appearance which brings a beautiful shine to the facades they cover. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, there are exceptional technical characteristics*: light transmission of 49% with a solar factor of 0.25 for a selectivity of 1.96.

The latest addition to the XTREME range, COOL-LITE ® XTREME SILVER II is the only product to combine aesthetics and extreme performance in this way


Insulating glazing with COOLLITE ® XTREME 50/22 II is well suited to new tertiary projects or renovations with high energy performance. With their characteristics, they are generally installed:

  • in canopies or roofs:
  • in facades: largely glazed, facing south or west in hot and sunny climates or without additional external solar protection such as in facades of high-rise buildings (IGH).


Double glazing with COOL-LITE ® XTREME SILVER II provides buildings with:

  • a shiny and very lively exterior aesthetic. The occupants benefit from good visibility from the interior to the exterior;
  • an average supply of natural light to limit the consumption of artificial lighting;
  • high solar protection to reduce costs due to the use and purchase of expensive air conditioning equipment;
  • excellent thermal insulation to minimize heating losses.

All these characteristics make it possible to create largely glazed spaces, even on the roof, bright and open to the outside while remaining comfortable and energy efficient.

Handling and Processing

COOL-LITE ® XTREME SILVER II must be tempered before assembly in insulating glazing to achieve its performance and appearance.


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