Thermal insulation
Solar control glasses with extremely high selectivity and thermal insulation.
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Insulating glazing including glass from the COOL-LITE ® XTREME range is designed to provide the building with the best possible solar protection for a given level of light transmission. Their selectivity is extremely high.

Their thermal insulation is also extremely high and allows heating losses to be reduced to a minimum in winter.

Thanks to their exceptional performance, they enable contractors to create bright, temperate and less energy-consuming workspaces.


Insulating glazing including glazing from the COOL-LITE ® XTREME range is well suited to new tertiary projects or renovations where high energy performance is required.

Thanks to the diversity of the COOL-LITE ® XTREME range, they can be easily integrated into all types of facades or roofs. For instance :

  • on fully or moderately glazed facades, slightly or strongly exposed to the sun, in cold or very hot climates;
  • on the roof or in the fully or partially glazed glass roof or in skylights.


Insulating glazing with COOL-LITE ® XTREME glass combines:

  • from the outside, a modern, very neutral or neutral aesthetic:
  • from the inside, a view to the outside without color modification and a low-reflective appearance which improves visual comfort;
  • a very high to moderate supply of natural light depending on the reference chosen to limit energy consumption due to artificial lighting;
  • the lowest possible solar factor for a given level of light transmission to avoid the use of air conditioning as much as possible;
  • very high thermal insulation to minimize heating losses in winter

Handling and Processing

For optimal efficiency and aesthetics, COOL-LITE XTREME must always be tempered or heat-strengthened into a double-glazed unit before assembly. COOL-LITE XTREME must also be edge-deleted and a double or triple glazed screen should always be located on face 2.


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