An innovative and durable mirror
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Produced without toxic substances, it helps maintain an environment conducive to good health and wellbeing. Quality and durability remain the same, a property resulting from a major Research & Development program. It allows the creation of bright and spacious living spaces thanks to these aesthetic assets.


MIRALITE REVOLUTION's properties help to improve the interior spaces (higher light levels, conviviality...).

It is perfect for use ::

  • in the home (bathrooms, hallways…)
  • in professional settings such as offices, businesses,
  • hotels,
  • restaurants,
  • sports halls

Disponible in various shapes to create new dimensions: framed or unframed mirror, wall cladding, item of furniture, signage…



Handling and Processing

MIRALITE REVOLUTION is suitable for cutting into geometrical or non-geometric shapes of all types. It can be drilled and edge worked MIRALITE REVOLUTION can be customized on the face opposite to the coating with a logo, a sandblasted design or engraved.



  • Channel glazing in a frame

Make sure the frame is clean and dry. Position the mirror on blocks with a thickness of at least 3 mm to raise the mirror and avoid any contact with condensation water that might get in the frame.

  • Fixing pads

Provide proper fixations. Using plastic spacers and washers prevent contact between the glass and metal. Attach the mirror without putting too much pressure on.

  • Adhesive fixing

Use mirror adhesive or alcohol-based or oxime-based neutral silicone only H to secure the MIRALITE REVOLUTION, along with double-sided adhesive pads. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding adhesive.

* If there is any doubt as to whether the products used are neutral, a test on the paint should be carried out.



MIRALITE REVOLUTION shall be installed in accordance with the regulations in force. Use of a mirror with a safety film is often necessary.


In all cases

Whatever the mounting of the mirror, ensure the following:

  • Install the mirror on a stable, clean and dry supporting wall, free of harsh substances and totally flat.
  • Provide enough space to ensure good ventilation between the supporting wall and the mirror (5 mm for a mirror less than 1 m tall, 10 mm for a larger mirror)
  • When installed side by side, leave a space of 1 to 2 mm between the mirrors
  • Avoid positioning the mirror near a heat source (lighting, heating, etc.)


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