Thermal insulation
More efficient thermal insulation with double glazing
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PLANITHERM ® ONE is a very high performance low-emission coated glass intended to be assembled in double glazing.

It consists of a clear glass coated with a thin transparent layer of noble metals deposited by cathode sputtering under vacuum. The layer reflects thermal infrared and limits heat loss by radiation.


It can be used in all insulating glazing for new construction or renovation:

  • windows and patio doors in residential buildings;
  • verandas and loggias;
  • windows and facades of non-residential buildings


PLANITHERM ® ONE is one of the most efficient on the market.

Energy savings

  • Reduced heating costs thanks to optimal insulation;
  • Mounted in double glazing, fitted with a thermal break spacer, it further improves the overall performance of the window.

Better comfort in the rooms

  • Even heat distribution without cold spots near windows;
  • Reduced risk of condensation on interior glass.

Great architectural freedom

  • Neutral colors in transmission and reflection;
  • Slightly shiny appearance for an assertive aesthetic.

Environmental Protection

  • Reduction of CO 2 emissions.

Handling and Processing

PLANITHERM ® ONE offers the lowest emissivity that it is possible to manufacture industrially. Mounted in double glazing, it makes it possible to obtain the value U g = 1.0 W/(m 2 .K) in a 4-16 argon-4 mm composition.

PLANITHERM ® ONE must be assembled in insulating glazing. Its layer, previously margined on the periphery, is positioned on face 3. PLANITHERM ® ONE can be assembled in laminated glass before being fitted in insulating glazing.


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