Reinforced thermal insulation.
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PLANITHERM ® XN is a low-emissivity glass that offers excellent thermal performance and optimizes the energy efficiency of double and triple-glazed windows. It consists of a clear glass coated with a thin transparent layer of noble metals deposited by cathode sputtering under vacuum..


PLANITHERM ® XN is designed for the manufacture of double and triple glazing that is neutral, very transparent and energy efficient. It is intended for new construction and renovation:

  • windows of individual houses and collective dwellings;
  • large sliding glass doors;
  • facades, glazed frames, showcases and storefronts of tertiary buildings (office buildings, public buildings, etc.).


Energy savings

The increase in the cost of energy and the environmental agreements concluded at an international level impose the construction of buildings with low consumption. PLANITHERM ® XN meets this requirement perfectly, as it provides a high level of energy efficiency. Through its thermal insulation performance, PLANITHERM ® XN minimizes heat loss. In addition, thanks to its very high solar factor, it transmits a high proportion of solar radiation which contributes significantly to the heating of the building. The beneficial association of these two effects generates significant energy savings and, consequently, a reduction in CO 2 emissions .


Visual comfort

PLANITHERM ® XN achieves a very high level of light transmission: up to 82% in double glazing and up to 74% in triple glazing. It sets a high standard for natural lighting, improves visual comfort and reduces the consumption of artificial light.


Aesthetics and design

PLANITHERM ® XN has a very neutral appearance and very good color rendering, in transmission and in reflection.


Winter comfort

The low U g value of the glazing reduces heat loss to a minimum and maintains the interior face of the glazing at a temperature close to that of the interior environment. Consequently, even in the middle of winter, the ambient temperature remains pleasant in the immediate vicinity of the glazing.

Handling and Processing

PLANITHERM ® XN II is the "soaking" version of PLANITHERM ® XN. This glass must necessarily be tempered to acquire solar and thermal characteristics identical to those of PLANITHERM ® XN. For tempering: consult the technical department of Saint-Gobain Glass


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