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Decorative Glass

Create individual and contemporary interiors
Be it transparent, translucent or opaque, glass can offer a wealth of designs, colours and textures to add style and modernise a room.


How does it work

Glass is an ideal material to transform an interior.  The wide range of available effects, patterns and colours allow you to create the right look for any application. 

Some products can be further enhanced to provide added comfort such as reducing noise, safety and improved energy efficiency.


Compliments or contrasts beautifully with other materials such as stone, wood, metal etc.

  • Create your own interior design tailored to your taste and style using a wide range of transparent, translucent or opaque glass products.
  • Choose from a wealth of colours, patterns and effects.
  • A durable, easily cleaned material 

Certain decorative glasses can be combined with other glass functions for additional comfort: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and enhanced safety and security.


The SGG DECORGLASS range is highly flexible and is designed for use in a wide range of applications, where that special touch is required:

  • Doors 
  • Partitions 
  • Shower screens 
  • Balconies 
  • Furniture such as shelving, kitchen fittings and work tops 
  • Shower screens