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Noise reduction

Certain decorative glasses can be combined for additional acoustic insulation in order to create a more relaxing atmosphere.


How does it work

Exclusive colours or patterns can be created for any project. STADIP COLOR is designed for applications where coloured glass combined with the performance of laminated glass is required. STADIP COLOR reduces the transmission of ultraviolet radiation. It can also improve the solar insulation performance of double glazing.

Films of different colours can be combined up to a maximum of 4. This gives you the possibility of producing over 1,000 colours. For external applications it is necessary to add an additional PVB interlayer to ensure the colours are UV-stable. 



  • Dynamic colours - combined with a neutral, solar control or thermally insulating glass SGG STADIP COLOR animates and enlivens entrances, canopies and any feature glazing in your home. 
  • Safe breakage and containment - If the glass breaks, it remains adhered to the interlayer reducing the risk of injury and maintaining its integrity. 
  • Filtration of UV light helps slow the fading of furnishings near to the glazing 
  • The coloured films absorb solar heat energy to different degrees. 
  • Offers total flexibility, providing the personal touch for unique colours and aesthetics. 
  • Affords different levels of translucency for visual screening.


  • Partitions and screens 
  • Doors 
  • Floor Panels 
  • Balustrades 
  • Furniture